Javelyn treated an audience to a set of songs that switched personalities from start to finish. From classical piano, to pop ballad, to alternative folk/rock and all the way to R&B, Javelyn took us on a musical journey. To add to the diversity, Mr.Wax threw an extra dynamic by rapping over the second half of the set. To my amazement, songs that traditionally wouldn't lend themselves to rap seemed to find harmony with this addition. Wax's lyrics accentuated Javelyn's already thought provoking messages on society and politics, love and relationships. Songs like "Truth and Honesty" and "Civil War" echoed for me bands such as "Arrested Development" and "The Fuji's" with their messages of world peace and a greater good. Playing keyboards and singing with the chops of Alanis Morrisette, Javelyn inspired the audience with her emotionally charged performance, enjoying every minute as she did so. She finished her set with "Ooga Booga" a daring upbeat number performed to a backing track. Moving away from the keyboards to perform an accompanying dance for us, this track had the feel-good sing-along energy of "The Macarena" and everyone was tapping to the beat and smiling along with Javelyn as she showed us the dance. It was good to see her unbound to the keyboard in this tongue and cheek number. Ten out of ten for guts girl!! - Reviewed by Amanda Turner-Manning, All Access Magazine


Now this woman packs a knockout punch with her voice! Javelyn’s (formerly known as Javelyn) voice is clear, you understand every word, and it is so beautifully melodic that your ears and heart will become a prisoner during each composition on her new release Cut To The Chase. Her voice is so engaging that it is hard to ignore. Along with her spellbinding voice, the musical mix is the key to keeping things interesting on this album. The various combinations of pop and rock textures find a balance that is both appealing and effective. This type of music will draw an eclectic audience, and it is not hard to see why, it rocks, it has sweet pop elements, and Javelyn’s voice is so strong that anyone within earshot would stand up and take notice.


Javelyn puts things into proper perspective commenting-"I'm not one of those artists who have 500 songs sitting on the back shelf. I only write when I'm inspired or can't hold in what I have to say any longer." Because she has that creative approach to her music, it is like spontaneous combustion on every song, there is nothing but waves of energy and emotion permeating every track, as she literally cuts it to the chase. Now realistically, how many CDs do you have that you play on regular basis? If you a buy a lot of music, probably not too many. This all just feels so good you will be compelled to play it repeatedly.


Read Review on St. Croix Music


I loved her on the Music For The Soul album and I can appreciate her music even more on this well crafted rock-pop affair which takes her talent to yet another innovative level. I am still waiting for a label to wake up and realize what they are missing here. She is an inspirational talent that is overflowing with resourceful vigor that is indeed rare and special in today’s cesspool of manufactured pop stars. This is the real deal, straight up with no BS. If you are looking for pure pop-rock magic ready to whisk you off to another time and place that already lives inside you, this CD is your ticket there - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck, Buzzle.com


Javelyn is a singer/songwriter you can dance to. Her voice has a quality that sounds like Aimee Mann singing low and full of emotion with drum loops. You can’t really pin her down into any category which is nice. Javelyn has a fine voice with depth and expression - Stacey Board, MuseMuse


I have listened to well over 3,000 albums that musicians have sent to our company over the last 5 years. NOT one of those musicians have had the sound that Javelyn's music has. She is clearly on the way to stardom - if she is not already there! Javelyn is a Music Charts topper and will always be in my eyes. Travis E. Towle, Founder & CEO, The Cosmic Entertainment Company


Javelyn's "Javelyn:Music for the Soul" is energetic, entertaining, and uplifting. Her brand of emotionally charged pop-songs goes farther and deeper than your typical radio-fare and she gives her listeners reason to "believe" in the future of pop music." Richard Lynch, President, Kweevak's Tracks


"Javelyn is a dynamic independent artist. She is receiving radio airplay across the nation. Her CD Music for the Soul is filled with thoughtful lyrics, and strong performances." Alex Teitz, President, Femmusic.com


"Wow, what a beautiful voice!" That's what I said when this CD started to play. Javelyn has that sultry, harmonious vocal style that simply melt your soul. This is one of those CD's that I found hard to put down. This is a woman who has a great range and her vocals fit well with the music and the songs on this album. The songwriting is excellent and gives off a nice retro-pop feeling that combines the deepness of modern pop. One of the most notable songs on the CD is "Take This Chance," which overflows with passion while "Images of You" portrays Javelyn's voice at it's best and most passionate. This is a great CD. Michael Allison - THEGLOBALMUSE.COM


Javelyn has various talents showcased on her debut CD "Music For The Soul." She is a singer, songwriter, and keyboard player that has a focus and intent that comes through loud and clear in her music. This is top forty-oriented music. I personally don't listen to this type of music very often. Regardless of those realities that are present in my world... I was nevertheless impressed with this young ladies strength and the command of her voice in each song.


Javelyn has a beautiful and stunning delivery that really demands your attention. She seems to be a very spiritually grounded person that is very focused on the message that she endeavors to give you in each track. Yes, this is music for soul. If you listen to the words and let the music take you away from your troubles, the spirit of each song will heal you and bring a smile to your face. MusikMan, Staff Writer at MusicDish.com


"Music For The Soul" is the debut album for Los Angeles singer/songwriter Javelyn. Javelyn. has gained a solid following stateside and has played shows at the famous clubs The Whiskey, and The Roxy in L.A. She has produced and written the album herself and her songs like "Planets Rockin'" and "The Way I Feel" are catchy pop/rock numbers, also check out an excellent song called "Take This Chance"the hooks are killing me, this is a mixture of AOR and pop rock with a killer chorus and cool guitar work. Then we get to hear a pleasant piano led ballad called "Images Of You", which is tastefully performed. Whilst half of "Music For The Soul" conjures up dancey rhythms and ballads - the other half of the record at least offers something for melodic rock and AOR fans to enjoy. Hopefully her next album will be more along these lines and then we can really start talking about this talented L.A. chick. Rating: 8/10." Nicky Baldrian, Strutter, the Site for Underground AOR and Melodic Rock


"Javelyn is lighting up the lines" Larry McGuire - WPXZ, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania


"Not the same ol', same ol', but something fresh and new." Desiree Douglas - KWXX, Hilo, Hawaii


"Very catchy. Great first single! "Take This Chance" is a good upbeat song with wonderful response." Michael J - WOYS, Eastpoint, Florida


"Good response. Exceptional phones." Bob Scott - KATW, Lewiston, Idaho


"If 'Believe' is anything like the first single, then you're doing yourself a favor by 'Taking a Chance' with Javelyn." Maxx Flite - KTHO, Lake Tahoe, California


"A singular breath of refreshing sound in today's sea of plurality." J.P. Morgan - WDMG, Douglas, Georgia


"Javelyn's music stands out. "Take This Chance" has had great response from all of our listeners -- They like it!" Scott Sirovatka (PD)/Bob Westerman - KEMB, Emmetsburg, Iowa


"Can't go wrong with a good song, like Javelyn's." Doug Hubbard - WMVA, Martinsville, Virginia


"The Lady does herself proud" - TABC (syndicated show w/78 stations in 37 states)


"Javelyn has a unique sound---- I picked cuts #1, #5 and #8 off 'Music for the Soul' " Laney Goodman, Women In Music.


Javelyn is a an artist who is receiving a lot of attention, and being picked up by a hundreds of radio stations for airplay. This CD, Music For The Soul is a compilation of contributions from many different writers, performed by Javelyn. Ted Vieira, Omni Guitar.com


"One of the strongest songs in the Javelyn catalogue ("Civil War"), this clever and interesting song about family violence is intelligently written and well-produced. By all means, please visit Lady's J site, and learn more about her growing career. She's from Venice Beach, California, by the way. " Aaron, Aaron's Picks: The Best of Pop and Rock on MP3 Radio.



"This album contains a smooth jazz feel and melodic trimmings throughout and is finely accentuated with sometimes dark, sometimes uplifting lyrics. This newest release from L.A. based Javelyn has become a hot item at radio stations throughout the country. It's found it's way to over 1,000 playlists and for very good reasons. Javelyn has combined a mesmerizing mix of spoken word and lyrics along with thoughtful work on the keyboards and acoustic instruments. The first track on the album, The Need, demonstrates this with a Spanish style solo very well placed in the middle. Take This Chance follows up the first 2 tracks as an uplifting love song placed in a contemporary melody. I really liked the jazz tempo and styling of Superstar, and Images of You is another haunting, thoughtful tune that is performed with a piano and Javelyn singing. I was particularly interested in this track because it really captured the artists talent and sounded as if it truly came from her heart. I'll give a sound applause to Javelyn for the feeling put into Music for the Soul and look forward to hearing more from the west coast." Mark Cunningham, Grass Roots Entertainment


"Javelyn is one savvy lady! She has put together a team who will work for her and she is making herself a star and not depending upon a lot of hype that someone has fed her. She has hand picked her team and knows what she is doing. She is using the Internet to her advantage and works her tail off to keep moving forward. If this little lady doesn't make it, it will be a surprise to all of us here at Sheheshe. Her album, "Music For The Soul" is doing very well and we expect as we get more reports from stations, to see her climb to the top of our chart and more importantly, to any and all charts in time." Angel Davis, Sheheshe Music Services


"Her [Javelyn's] songs are starting to make the radio airwaves tremble!"Amazing CD


"Javelyn's CD 'Music For The Soul' is I think just that, music for the soul. A Pop CD with no 'gum' but contains all the talent you would expect from someone on the move. With searing vocal presence and stellar musicianship this is a great CD for the Pop fan to pick up. Pete's pick would have to be Track 9 - Way I Feel, because it has such a great toe-tapping chorus you just have to love, It is truly a stand-out tune!" Peter Michl, CD Debut


"Javelyn has various talents showcased on her debut CD "Music For The Soul." She is a singer, songwriter, and keyboard player that has a focus and intent that comes through loud and clear in her music. This is top forty-oriented music. I personally don't listen to this type of music very often. Regardless of those realities that are present in my world... I was nevertheless impressed with this young ladies strength and the command of her voice in each song.


Javelyn has a beautiful and stunning delivery that really demands your attention. She seems to be a very spiritually grounded person that is very focused on the message that she endeavors to give you in each track. Yes, this is music for soul. If you listen to the words and let the music take you away from your troubles, the spirit of each song will heal you and bring a smile to your face. " Keith Hannaleck, MuzikMan's Sound Script


"I didn't mean to do it, but Javelyn's cd has been spinning around my house for a few days now. Re: composition and voice, she's equal to the Big Girls (i.e. those sponsored by Pepsi, those all over VH1, etc). She's about 1 or 2 mixes away from perfection. If several thousand more bucks were poured into the recording quality here, if a couple videos of our Lady swinging her navel before our faces were filmed, she'd be nearing the big time already. As it is, J's got to coast on sheer talent and hot voice and the Way the song is built. 'I Know' is the closest to typical, year 2000 sound, but it's Still not as full or as un-80s as it could be. Also, I prefer the vocals on the songs beginning this 10 song cd.


And the strengths are many. The first 3 songs are strong. 'The Need' says 'the morning comes when I awake / the morning comes and I see quakes / of life, they come & go and come & go / and come & go and I don't know / but, lord, I need you now / please fill me somehow.' I don't know if she's singing with sexy stockings on or not, but it's a half-blue, half-hopeful, all interesting opening. Followed by one of the best songs on the cd, 'Civil War'. The crying in the back comes in now and then: 'Help MEeee!' The black voice is there to underline the title. Then there's 'Take This Chance', probably my favorite, and the closest thing to a hit song off an indie cd as you'll find. Melissa Ethridge would be pleased to lay her guitars on this one. 'come with me, be wild and free, darlin' / take this chance / I like you and you like me / well, that's all we have'. That's a spirited chorus with revved guitars and the best vocals yet here.


Other 'hits' include 'Superstar', in which 'time has passed you by' and a few other phrases get into your head and won't come out. Ditto for the chorus of 'Planets Rockin'' 'I was holdin' on, I was holdin' on / I was holdin' on- planets were rockin' / baby, planets were rockin''. I'm glad she's on a label, not just a pretty face doing it all by herself. The voice combined with composing ability is going to push J far, if luck be hers. Don Ohmart, Music Dish


"Javelyn's singing style is a very commercial cross-over pop/alternative with a touch of R&B thrown in for good measure. Javelyn adds fresh, new textures in her singing style to more established commercial styles of music." Onlinerock.com


"There is one important constant in this album and, I believe the X-It Rite Records bio said it best: "a highway of truth driving through each number, plunging straight into the listener's soul. This is the heart of Javelyn". Netmusic.com


"The mp3 song, "Take this Chance', is a hit - no matter what - AC/rock with perfect verses and chorus - with lines and modulations about as melodic as you can find - and a mix of Lulu/Starship - if you can fathom that.. great tune - and so lives the third track of the 10 song CD, 'Music for the Soul', by Javelyn. The CD opens up with track, 'The Need', which reaffirms Javelyn's songwriting talent - she has an intuitive and natural sense for melody - memorable, familiar, and instantly accessible. Track 2, 'Civil War', is a biting lyric about the new emotional and nurturing void in a family with background screams 'help me, please help, stop it'. . sad and disturbing, with a musical background that resembles Amy Grant/Madonna and a soulful performance by guest vocalist, H. Allen Lundy. The production is clear and well recorded, with an overall feel of the 80's dance/pop with the occasional ballad like track 7, 'Images Of You' and Rockman sounding clean/dirty guitar tracks, drum machines, and thick keys. The final track, 'Believe', is a pop ballad with a Prince feel - and another solid melody from 'J' - along with a feeling that Javelyn has a deep religious belief in love and life - lyric, 'if we don't work out our hearts, we gotta work it out in this life, we're gonna die before our time, and when we stand before heaven, gonna make it you and me, I wanna say we came out fine.' The entire CD is a great effort with musical gems throughout - again, 'Take this Chance' is worth the trip." Earbuzz.com


AMG EXPERT REVIEW: First and foremost all should know that Javelyn is an excellent vocalist. The representation on the album does not always do her talent justice. The music many times has way too much of a "studio musician" feel. Studio musicians are most generally talented individuals, but they are playing material that someone else has written, many times making what they play lack a heart and soul presentation. The best advice for Javelyn would be to get a "real" band together and watch her career blossom. A rose by itself has beauty that can be admired for a brief period, but a rose bush has beauty that can be enjoyed for many years. . . ."Take This Chance" has a 60's feel with a Pop groove via a Partridge Family, Monkee and Beatles-esque style. This is a catchy tune that gives off happy vibes and has a strong charisma. "Superstar" has elements of Jazz with the bass guitar riffs, brass and orchestral sound. The vocals and the beat have a Disco era groove that lend the tune a danceable quality. The blending of these genres help to create a unique and creative piece. Javelyn has some impressive vocal abilities and "Some Day" displays her talents as she carries the melody with great vocal expression. Javelyn's vocal performance is ace . . . "Images Of You" serves well to show the vocal abilities and talent that Javelyn has. On "Way I Feel" there is some of the best material found on the album, the music molds with the vocals. The nuances are present and the structure of the song is easily followed. The melody is catchy and has a real charisma. "Believe" is another catchy number with a slow grooving beat and a Blues-Rock melody. The strength comes in the closing two tracks which merit a close listen. Javelyn shines brightly on "Believe" and the backup musicians have found the groove that has been missing. The album has three tunes that stand out above the others, some might consider that enough to hunt down a copy of the album. The album does have good vocals and does merit an examination for those in deep need of Music For The Soul." Larry Belanger, allmusic.com