Javelyn, an award-winning artist whose music and voice shoot straight to the heart, while kicking one's butt - mixing melodic highs and lows to the funky beat of the street. Javelyn is one of the freshest rising stars in the indie music world on the music scene, an artist for the life and times in which we live – A three-time winner of the prestigious "Rockies" award for "Best Female Solo Artist of the Year" and "Best Folk Artist" from Rock City News (Los Angeles), Javelyn is "A singular breath of refreshing sound in today's sea of plurality." DJ J.P. Morgan - WDMG, Douglas, Georgia; “Not the same ol', same ol', but something fresh and new." DJ Desiree Douglas - KWXX, Hilo, Hawaii.J


Javelyn is truly one of the new DIY artist entrepreneurs of the 21st Century, starting in the world of guerilla indie music and film. A voting member of the Grammy’s (after over 8 national radio releases), Javelyn also created a night in Los Angeles for independent music called Java With Javelyn Indie Music Nites where she has hosted and performed with some of the hottest live and recorded indie acts in L.A. Out of this event, she also helped produce 4 indie compilation CDs.

Javelyn also has acted in theater, film, video, national commercials, print and is a graduate of the Second City Comedy Improv Training Center in LA. She plays keyboards and ukulele – acoustic and electric. She is a member of NARAS, SAG, ATAS and AFTRA. The influence of professional acting schools and roles help paint the melodic, sometimes sassy, theatrical, style of Javelyn’s lyrics and song-weaving. Javelyn ‘fell into’ music by being hired from a modeling gig to be a part of a 4-piece classic rock cover band where she cut her teeth singing and playing keyboards in the pounding world of cover bands. She began writing with original bands and producers, letting the music always tell her what to write, and has worked with a variety of different people to develop the skills of the fine art of collaborating.  Javelyn brings this skill set and her acting improvisation into the world of New Media, to help create and star in her new show “Adventures With Javelyn”, featured on QuAHZ TV which features a variety of guests, both musical, talented and inspirational and will be launched end of 2018. Most recently, she was a guest judge on the 2017 and 2018 US Sketch Comedy Championships hosted in Hollywood..